Today in the city Redington Shores 24.04.2018
Irish Whiskey Renaissance Brings A New Contender

In the U.S., Irish whiskey is one of the fastest growing spirits around, bringing a steady stream of new and interesting whiskeys to our shores, including Prizefight a County Cork-distilled spirit mad...

'Coaching is something I love': Christian Pulisic's father follows his passion

After playing a key role in his son’s rapid ascent, the father of American soccer’s would-be savior has resumed a deferred passionBlending into the background doesn’t seem to bother Mark Pulisic one b...

Alarming photos of the uninhabited island that's home to 37 million pieces of trash

A small island smack in the middle of the South Pacific has never been inhabited by people — and yet, its white sand beaches are home to more than 37 million pieces of junk. Every day on Henderson Isl...

20 hidden beaches around the world that locals don't even know about

Having the perfect beach day isn't an easy feat. Although time to unwind and relax along shimmering blue waters is ideal, we all know that crowds tend to ruin that, turning what should be fun-in-the-s...

The meatless 'Impossible Burger' makes its first foray outside the US

Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods is taking its plant-based "Impossible Burger" to the shores of Hong Kong.

15 beautiful beaches that have haunting shipwrecks you can explore

Even if most aren't as catastrophic as the sinking of the Titanic, shipwrecks continue to fascinate scientists and the public alike. While some wrecks require complex equipment to investigate, there a...

The eternal themes of the Trump era

We're only 15 months into the Trump era, but it already feels like we're trapped in a simulation running a program modeled on Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of the "eternal return of the same." Yes, ne...

Review Of Frederic Wehrey's 'The Burning Shores' Book About Libya

'The Burning Shores' book is a must-read for anyone who wants to catch up on what's been going on Libya since the fall of Qadafi.

In 'The Burning Shores,' Libya Blossoms — Briefly — Before Unraveling

Author Frederic Wehrey's new book follows the country's turmoil after the overthrow and death of dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Even though universities are now open, Wehry says there's still deep trauma.

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